Topic outline

  • Breaking stereotypes: enabling equality through professional careers (International Women's Day 2020)

    Can gender stereotypes influence individual career preferences and threaten women’s intellectual credibility and financial stability?

    Can we actively choose to challenge stereotypes, improve women’s professional aspirations and celebrate their achievements?

    The Court has invited two distinguished speakers, Dr. Rosa Kriesche-Kuderli and Dr. Raquel Gomez Bravo, together with ECA Member Ms Annemie Turtelboom, to present their work and share their views during this conference addressed to all ECA staff. Ms Maria Bozinis, ECA COPEC President, moderated a discussion and a Q&A session following the presentations.


    10:30   Opening presentation by Ms Annemie Turtelboom, ECA Member
    10:50   Presentation by Dr. Rosa Kriesche-Kuderli on "The partriarchy of leadership - How gender stereotyping undermines women's leadership aspirations in Europe"
    11:10   Presentation by Dr. Raquel Gomez Bravo on ‘’The many glass ceilings for women in Medicine’’
    11:30   Q&A session and round table discussion moderated by Ms Maria Bozinis, ECA COPEC President
    12:00   End of conference