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  • Europe - Quo Vadis? - with Ivan Krastev (15-09-2020)

    “Europe deserves more, and deserves better than our doubts. It remains a chapter in history to be written.”
    Crisis after crisis, our Union is shaken, threatened and in search for its soul. We should not take it for granted, warns Ivan Krastev, the author of After Europe and The Light that Failed. In this talk, he will share with us his views, often unconventional, about Europe, European politics, threats, values, misperceptions, optimism, survival, future.

    Ivan Krastev’s last book Is It Tomorrow Yet?: Paradoxes of the Pandemic was published in more than 20 languages.

    “Ivan Krastev is one of the sharpest and most elegant political writers to emerge from eastern Europe in recent years.” - Sunday Times
    Ivan Krastev is one of Europe's leading thinkers.” - Madeleine K. Albright
    Ivan Krastev is one of the most interesting thinkers of our time. A juggler of paradoxes, an assailer of conventional wisdoms - you may not always agree but you will never be bored.” - Robert Kagan
    “The most brilliant and iconoclastic thinker on Europe's future.” - Mark Leonard, European Council on Foreign Relations