27-28 November 2019 (Luxembourg)

Different European Commission services presented EU policies and activities on big and open data. The SAIs and the ECA shared information on some of their activities and initiatives in this area, expecially on open data policy. All presentations confirmed the interest of EU specific cooperation in this area. . It was specifically targeting colleagues working on technology and innovation in SAIs from the European Union Member States because they operate within the specific EU institutional, policy and regulatory context using tools and services and participating in projects and initiatives, which are specific for EU.

The conference was a first step towards creating an active network of professionals and practitioners from Member State SAIs and the ECA on Technology and Innovation for Audit (TiNA), working on the digital transformation of audit and aiming to leverage activities and capabilities, which are specific to EU Member States. More than 70 participants attended and contributed to this event, coming from SAIs in 12 EU Member States (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta and Romania), from 4 Commission DGs (CONNECT, ESTAT, OP, DIGIT) and from ECA. The network members will be sharing knowledge, advice and resources (code, tools etc.) over a platform that the ECA will put in place early in 2020 and in events such as an annual TiNA conference organised by ECA. They will also aim to co-create innovation in audit in the context of joint projects.

Opening the conference, Ms Eva Lindström, the chair of the digital steering committee, reminded that “digitisation in audit is not only about using technology but also about how we work and how we can build control and assurance into the process”.

Mr Alex Brenninkmeijer who closed the conference welcomed the initiative of launching the TiNA network and underlined the importance of data: “Data is power. Data is contact and participation. Data is trust.”

We can watch the full conference through our Streaming video on demand service.