‘’Historical and methodological background of foresight’’

Listen to Oliver Gnad, our guest in the Foresight Speakers Series. Oliver is co-founder and Managing Director of Bureau für Zeitgeschehen, a Berlin-based think-and-do-tank specialising in strategic foresight and scenario planning. 

Oliver will firstly introduce you to the historical and methodological background of foresight. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about:

the development of strategic foresight, with a few cases for illustration

the latest brain research on cognitive biases and mental trip-wires that make it hard to think about the future (and their consequences)

how to do strategic foresight (methods)

He will then present the following recent scenario case study:

Three Americas after Trumpism” – what direction will the US take internally, and what will this mean for the international order and transatlantic relations?

(Delivered at ECA on 11/03/2020)